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ASD Impact Survey (Time Sensitive)

*Note: the Impact Survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! Members of the Autism Community, Kim Hollingsworth Taylor (an autism parent and the Clearly Present Founder and CEO) invites you to complete a quick, 10 minute ASD Impact Survey to help researchers by Wednesday, June 28.

Summer Camp and Social Communication for Kids with Autism

Ask any autism parent what they want for their child, and they’ll probably say something like this: “Connections. Friends. Flexibility. Self-worth …. To make a friend, roll with changes in the schedule, share an experience or achieve something new.” But how do we cultivate these qualities and facilitate these experiences? That’s the question posed in

A Major Autism Insurance Coverage Victory

Big news for the autism community this week: as of next year, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy will be covered by all government health insurance plans. This sets a positive precedent and increases the likelihood of additional ABA coverage within the private insurance sector as well. “The U.S. government has made what is being called