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Join Us for the Ask an Aspie Q&A Forum!

Got questions about growing up on the autism spectrum? If you’re someone who has an ASD diagnosis or if you suspect that you’re on the spectrum, you’re invited to join us for the Ask an Aspie Question and Answer Forum, where local autistic mentors will provide answers. Friends, family members, professionals, and other support people

ASD Impact Survey (Time Sensitive)

*Note: the Impact Survey is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated! Members of the Autism Community, Kim Hollingsworth Taylor (an autism parent and the Clearly Present Founder and CEO) invites you to complete a quick, 10 minute ASD Impact Survey to help researchers by Wednesday, June 28.

A Glimpse

Written by J, a Project Rex Participant What is Autism? This is what everyone always asks me when I have to give them a reason on why I am so shy. I always tell them that it just means that I get nervous around large crowds of people, loud music or noises, and that it