Comments from Adult Group Members


“I’ve come to notice that a lot of the [social] skills that are things that everybody needs to work on, when anybody is interacting with anybody. Everybody has problems.”


“[Adult Rex] has helped me understand more about conversations.”


“I had so much fun, and got some insight into what I’ve been doing wrong [socially].”


Comments from Adult Group Parents


“The thing that was insightful to me was that sometimes, my son would ask me questions like, ‘What do I do in this situation? What do I say? And I guess I realized that it’s not just common sense for him. He understands it a lot better if it’s broken down and explained in more concrete steps, not just with me saying things that are more vague, such as, ‘Well, just be yourself!'”


“Project Rex has been very valuable for our entire family. The team at the Medical University of South Carolina has guided us from early intervention through adolescence and into adulthood with our son who is on the Autism Spectrum. Project Rex has given our son the skills necessary to build relationships with peers and our family.

My son uses the lessons learned in the program to guide him with interactions with strangers. The continuous thought processes required for us all to manage our social skills is honed with the repeated practice in the Project Rex Program.

We are grateful for the opportunities that the Project Rex program has unlocked for our son. We are comforted in the parent program. We are given our own peers with children who are experiencing the same social differences. We feel supported, validated and respected by the professionals who run the program.

Our son has grown into a young man who understands self respect, he has an appreciation for others feelings and can express himself well in most circumstances. Project Rex has been responsible for instilling these empowering skills that will help him navigate for the rest of his life.”


“This Group went beyond my expectations with the professionalism of the staff, and the simplicity of a very complex subject. The format was excellent. I learned things that I can do better socially too. As parents we spend a lot of time isolated, it can get tense and frustrating, so this was useful for me as a parent, and I know it was for my son, to interact more positively.”


“I’m new to all of this, but I have learned about resources, and communication skills. I thought my son needed a boost of self-confidence, but I didn’t realize that he was having difficulty in the communication process.”


“Rex has been wonderful, and everybody that has participated has positive things to say about the program.”


“My son makes good eye contact some of the time now, and I’ve seen him grow socially through Rex. Now he wants friends, and he’ll talk to people; he has definitely progressed in two and a half years.

I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world. The best thing is to sit in this group and look around the table and know I’m not the only one. And I can’t say enough good things about Nancy and Dr. Frampton.”


Comments from Parent Surveys


“Amazingly passionate and talented people here, both the staff and other families! SO glad we found this great group!”


“[Pre-Teen/Teen Group] has given me the tools to help me understand my child, to help him help himself through life. It has been amazing.”


“My child and I both learned and grew after each class. We plan to continue in the summer. All of the information for the children/adult group was very helpful and I have noticed several positive changes in my child since beginning the program.

I have gained knowledge in how to respond better in every setting, to my child’s needs. Thank you for everything! We are both much better since starting this process!”


“Thanks for all the information that I received. Even being able to listen to the other parents. The group was very helpful.”


“Thank you so much for putting this group together.”


“It was a great seven weeks; the guest speaker was very knowledgeable.”


“Totally awesome!”


“This [group] has really helped inform me of resources and helped me be more active in understanding my son and his needs.”


“Very much worth the wait.”


“Program has made life easier for us. Enjoyed being able to share experiences.”


“This was very good for [our daughter]. Although she was more high functioning, she still participated and it’s good for her to get continued support.”


“Great progress from my child and my learning new skills and how to best handle her unique needs. GREAT program.”


“The entire structure of the program is awesome!”


“It is a blessing to be a part of the group at MUSC. Thanks for all the help!”


“I love this group.”


“Thoroughly enjoyed being part of the parent group.”


“Thanks to all the staff of Project Rex and MUSC but especially to … Dr. Gwynette. You have changed our lives so drastically. Thank you and we love you.”


“Think this is a great program – wish I would have found it sooner.”

Comments from Spanish-Language Parent Surveys


“This was a program in Spanish, where I was able to understand all the information that I was given. I liked to learn how to help my son with his social skills; it was good for him and all the family. Thank you, thank you to all the people who collaborated in this program.”

“[The program] helped us to comprehend and help our children.”

“Personally, it helped [me learn] how to treat and how to talk with my daughter in her behaviors.”

“Total gratefulness and sincerely to all of you. Dr. James and Ms. Martha, for the support, the dedication and the interest. Continue to helping children and families in this way. Thank you and God bless you all.”