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Writing and Autism

Some individuals who have Autism struggle with writing. This makes sense, since writing is in an extension of speaking. Putting words on paper and forming sentences and then paragraphs can be daunting. Often times, the [...]

Piece It Together Wellness Program Begins February 22nd

Our friend at the Piece It Together wellness program are offering another virtual program for Spring 2021! Each class will include movement followed by a topic-guided group discussion. This 6-week virtual program will be held on MONDAYS starting [...]

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Offering hope for children with autism spectrum disorders.

Project Rex is a treatment initiative dedicated to providing services to children with high functioning autism, ADHD, social anxiety, and those struggling socially who may not have a specific diagnosis. We offer individual and group treatment as well as medication management when needed. The program is affiliated with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) in Charleston, SC


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