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When do Project Rex Groups meet?

Visit our calendar for up-to-date scheduling information. Note that some groups run infrequently. Call 843-792-4113  if you have any questions about scheduling.

Can I have a copy of the Project Rex brochure to print and share with my community?

Of course! View and download the PDFs of our English-language brochure or the Spanish-language brochure.

Do you offer Spanish translation services for Groups?

At present, we offer Spanish translation for our Parent Groups. Groups for children and young adults are conducted in English. Please note that parents must arrive 30-45 minutes early to Group to arrange for a MUSC interpreter.

How much do Groups cost?

Project Rex is committed to serving patients with all insurance types. We also offer a self-pay option for groups. Please call 843-792-4113 for information about rates.

Does my child have to have a diagnosis to attend a Group?

Your child does not need to have a diagnosis to attend our School-Age, Pre-Teen, or Adult Groups. The only group for which a diagnosis (ADHD or ASD) is required is our PEERS Group.

How do I register my child for a Group?

Call 843-792-4113 during normal business hours to schedule an intake. Note that while it’s helpful to review current Group options prior to placing your call, Rex clinicians determine the most appropriate Group for each child.

Is an intake meeting necessary prior to attending a Rex Group?

Yes. A member of the Rex team needs to meet with each individual to assess whether they can benefit fully from the program.

The admission criteria differs for each group. For example, in order for an individual to benefit from our PEERS Group, self-motivation for socialization is necessary.

The intake meeting also serves as a time to clarify what a commitment to the program looks like, and what expectations are.

I’m not sure whether my child would do better in Pre-Teen/Teen Group or in PEERS. What’s the difference in assessment criteria for these Groups?

It’s okay if you’re not sure which Group is the best fit. Rex clinicians will determine the most appropriate Group for each child during their individual intake meetings.

That said, here are a few of the most important factors we take into consideration when deciding whether to place a young adult in Pre-Teen/Teen Group or in PEERS.


  • Teens must be motivated to attend and want to learn skills in order to make friends
  • Teens must be verbal and able to sit and listen to a lesson for approximately 90 minutes
  • Teens must be of an average or higher cognitive level
  • Teens and parents must be able to commit to the full 14-week program
  • One assigned parent or guardian must be able to commit to attending each week to be trained as their teen’s social coach
  • Teens must be willing to join an extracurricular activity
  • Parents must be willing to have their teen join an extracurricular activity
  • Parents must be willing to host get-togethers for their teens and help their teens make phone calls and attend get-togethers with other teens

For Pre-Teen/Teen Group …

  • Note that there is no diagnosis requirement for this group
  • Teens and parents must be able to commit to the full 8-week program
  • Note that this Group has more opportunities for movement based activities, but teens must be verbal and able to sit and listen to a lesson for periods of approximately 15 minutes at a time
  • A parent or parent representative must be present at either group
  • Teens are encouraged to complete computer-based homework to practice the skills at home

If my child has received a referral for a Rex Group from another MUSC physician, do I still need to schedule an intake meeting?

Yes. Call 843-792-4113 and schedule a meeting with one of our Rex team members.

What if my child’s intake doesn’t result in them being recommended for a Rex Group? 

If that is the case, our clinicians can offer other services, and/or refer your child to other local providers.

Does my child need to attend every session of a Group?

We strongly recommend that your child attend every session.

Our Groups are based on incremental skills that build week to week, so if an individual misses more than two sessions in a series, they will face a significant learning disadvantage.

Our attendance policy is that if an individual misses two or more Group meetings, they need to re-enroll for the next session.

Our family just found out about Project Rex, so the Group we want to join is already in session. Could we join a Group that has already started?

Alas, no; enrollment for a given Group is closed once it begins meeting. We find that this helps ensure continuity for participants and a more cohesive experience for the Group as a whole. We’d love to have you join us for a future Group, though!

Do Project Rex Groups utilize Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

No, we utilize cognitive and behavioral therapy and social skill development.

What else should I know about Groups?

With the exception of the Adult Group, all Groups include a mandatory, congruent parent support group.

Where do Groups meet?

At MUSC IOP 5 South, 67 President Street, Charleston, SC 29425.

Rex Group