What do you do when you have special needs and a mental health issue, and you’re struggling to find local psychiatric care?

The Purvis family struggled with this question until they used telepsychiatry to connect with MUSC Project Rex founder Dr. Frampton Gwynette.

Brenda Purvis, 27, has great social skills and talent in music, as well as Down syndrome. Two years ago, she began experiencing significant psychiatric issues, including hallucinations. Her family looked as far afield as Maryland in order to find specialized care.

When they found telemedicine, it was a boon for the family. Since Brenda’s home is a four-hour round trip drive away from MUSC, they meet with Dr. Gwynette remotely.

Using secure videoconferencing technology, Brenda can meet with her primary care provider and Dr. Gwynette at the same time.

“Telehealth does something pretty amazing: It virtually transports the doctor to the local community where patients live,” said Dr. Gwynette.

Click here to watch the four and a half minute Youtube video, or press play below!

You can also read the short article, “Telepsychiatry Making a Difference in Patient’s Life” at SCETV.org.

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