Sibling Support Group will meet during the winter/spring of 2023 from 4:00PM – 5:30PM each Thursday beginning March 9th and continuing to March 30th. This group is for neuro-typical individuals ages 8-12 who have a sibling with autism. The group will focus on support, making new friendships, and discussing how having a sibling with autism can affect the family. The group will meet four times and each meeting will include a distinct lesson. Each 90 minute meeting will be divided into 5 parts:

1. An icebreaker activity for participants to get to know one another.

2. The lesson related to autism, focusing on the primary social and emotional struggles associated with this condition. The lesson concludes with a practical exercise for siblings to experience some ASD related difficulties. (Example: Having a two way conversation while blindfolded to highlight challenges socially when one is not able to access non-verbal cues or body language.)

3. A processing exercise focused on how having a sibling with special needs impacts family life and the sibling’s life.

4. A group exercise primarily intended to build relationships and have some fun.

5. A weekly assignment based upon the weekly topic. Participants will interview either family or the sibling to get a fuller understanding of autism, its impact upon family, and its implications upon the life of the sibling.

Assignments will be reviewed and processed after the following week’s icebreaker. The group will be led by James Truelove, Joey Redding, and Rossi Collins. The educational materials have been developed specifically to meet the educational and emotional abilities of a typical pre-teen around the ages of 8-12.

If you would like your child to participate in this group, please call administrative assistant Courtney Pryor at  843-792-4113 to schedule an intake. Families do not need to have prior history with Project Rex to participate.

Once the intake is complete, again contact Courtney Pryor at 843-792-4113 to confirm attendance in the group series. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to each group meeting for sign in and registration.

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