School-Age Group will be running for spring of 2023! While dates have not yet been set, we welcome all who are interested to call us now to schedule an intake or to register. As soon as dates are set, we will publish an announcement blog post and add the dates to the Project Rex event calendar. You may also sign up for the email list to be receive notifications.

A Project Rex intake for children and teens is required prior to group participation. Please call Courtney at 843-792-4113 to schedule the initial intake. Once the intake is complete, again call Courtney at 843-792-4113 to register to attend.

This 8-week group is designed to enhance social skills of children with high-functioning ASD and ADHD. Diagnosis is not required for participation.

Social skills are introduced through social stories and include greetings, conversation skills, types of social relationships, boundaries, managing frustration and anger, and more. Groups include sensory and gross motor activities to enhance play skills.

To schedule an intake, call Courtney at 843-792-4113 and request a Project Rex Assessment.

Once the intake is complete, again contact Courtney at 843-792-4113 to confirm attendance in the group series.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early to each group meeting for sign in and registration.

Interested patients and family must commit to being able to attend each group session. We can no longer allow patients and family members to join the group after the first week. We ask if you know you cannot commit to the full 8 week series to instead consider attending a future round of the program. Thanks for your continued support and cooperation as we work with all insurances to ensure that our programs remain available to all children.

Questions about signing up? Check out our Frequently-Asked Questions page.

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