In this webinar, Dr. Jillian Tuso will discuss eating issues commonly seen in children who have autism, with a focus on functions of picky eating and food selectivity. She will also go over behavioral strategies to support children in eating new foods.

Dr. Catherine Bradley, MUSC, and Dr. Jessie Bradshaw, USC, will share research opportunities available at their respective universities.

This webinar is presented by SPARK at the Medical University of South Carolina. SPARK is the largest ever study of autism and MUSC is one of over 30 of the nation’s leading medical schools and autism research centers to have joined SPARK.

The webinar will be June 5th and there will be both daytime (12PM – 1PM) and evening (8PM – 9PM) sessions. To register, visit the Zoom video conferencing links below.

Day session:

Evening session:

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