The University of Notre Dame Supporting Parent-Adolescent Relationships and Communication (SPARC, for short) is seeking participants for its virtual program.

While parents and typically developing siblings of kids with disabilities face additional stress and conflict, there are very few research-based programs to support them.  With that in mind, the SPARC program was developed to help parents and typically developing siblings improve communication and increase conflict resolution, which can reduce stress and strengthen relationships in the whole family.

ND-SPARC is looking for families who have at least one child with an intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) of any age and one child without a disability who is between the ages of 10 and 18. Families participate by answering survey questions online, doing activities as a family via video conferencing with our team, and receive research-based information to review on their own.  Families can earn up to $370 over the course of a year for being involved.

To enroll, visit:

For more information, contact ND-SPARC at or 260-226-6363.