Project Rex founder Dr. M. Frampton Gwynette is featured in an article on eating disorders & bullying for HealthLinks Charleston Magazine.

Behavior changes are the key to noticing whether your child is being bullied as well.

“A lot of times, your kid doesn’t want to go to school suddenly,” said Dr. M. Frampton Gwynette, MUSC’s director of Project Rex, a program for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder, many of whom are at risk for bullying. “Your kid may be socially isolated or appear depressed. They may start some scary stuff like cutting or even expressing suicidal thoughts.”

Another thing to look out for is whether your own child is bullying.

“Pay attention to reports from other parents and teachers, and look at the evidence in an honest way,” Dr. Gwynette said.

The key for a parent dealing with any of these situations is non-judgmental communication, the doctors believe.

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