Temple Grandin recently spoke with Parade.com about how parents and caregivers can help their families thrive during this unprecedented time of isolation.

The bestselling author is well-aware that adaptation is often easier said than done, especially for someone with ASD. She, too, is adapting. She can usually be found traveling around the world speaking to large groups of educators, therapists, parents and community leaders, to spread the message of awareness and acceptance for our loved ones with autism and other special needs. She’s known for attracting thousands of participants to venues around the world, but her speaking events have been canceled since March 11 because of the COVID-19 crisis, and it is unclear when they will resume and what changes will be put in place for our collective safety.

At a time when we all need to be kinder and more accepting of one another, here are seven tips from Grandin on how we can help our loved ones with autism during this global health pandemic.

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