In this Autism News Network segment, the group offers Leo some advice. Are you an adult with autism and looking for a way to build social skills and learn about the workforce? Email Annabel Franz at to join us.



Dr. Gwynette: Leo, what were you saying earlier too about the frustration, the feeling like you’re invisible?

William M.: … that’s what you’re looking for. [crosstalk 00:00:26].

Dr. Gwynette: Can you describe that a little more?

Leo D. Glover: What I mean, I feel invisible, it’s like I’m at somewhere, but it’s like people don’t see me. Like, it’s the me that you don’t see.

Dr. Gwynette: Yeah, like you want to be acknowledged by people more?

Leo D. Glover: Yeah. I want to be loved by people. I’m a people person. Like when I’m at work, I be asking the customers how are they doing or are they having a great day, and they … some of them will tell me I’m a doing a good job with what I’m doing because I work in the lobby.

Dr. Gwynette: What would you guys say as the group today? Do you feel like you are Leo’s friend and that … What can we do to-

Scott Biehl: I don’t know.

Patrick Reid: Exactly.

Ainsley Knight: Well-

William M.: I just want to say-

Patrick Reid: Absolutely.

William M.: … is it just people that are just like-

Ainsley Knight: Leo and I, we text … That’s okay. Leo and I text back and forth, and I’m fine with it. For me, also, I can relate to Leo because sometimes people look at me kind of funny. I’ll be like, “Did I do something wrong, or did I embarrass you?” And they’ll be like, “No. No, no, no, you’re fine.” Then later, I think I’m going to get in trouble because, you know …

Dr. Gwynette: Yeah.

Ainsley Knight: It’s just …

Dr. Gwynette: Do we feel that Leo’s in good company here?

Ainsley Knight: Yeah.

William M.: I just want-

Patrick Reid: Totally.

Ainsley Knight: Absolutely. Yes.

William M.: I just wanted to say that … This is from the outside looking in, just as in what I’ve noticed about you. You are extremely talented. You are a good person. You have a great heart-

Patrick Reid: You have a [crosstalk 00:01:59] personality. You are not afraid to take a risk.

William M.: So honestly, if anybody is not paying attention to you, that’s their loss.

Leo D. Glover: Another thing I wanted to tell the group is, you know, I gets angry pretty easily, but the things that people have been saying to me it brings out the Hulk in me. I get like, “What did you say?”

Dr. Gwynette: Yeah. Also, if we get rejected, that’s not a good feeling, and it can cause a lot of sadness, but also anger.

Patrick Reid: Oh, absolutely.

Leo D. Glover: Yeah.

Dr. Gwynette: You guys agree?

Leo D. Glover: Has anybody ever had that feeling?

William M.: Yeah, man.

Ainsley Knight: Yeah.

Leo D. Glover: somebody makes you angry [crosstalk 00:02:38] and it brings out the Hulk or the She-Hulk in you? [crosstalk 00:02:40]

Dr. Gwynette: I think we’ve all [crosstalk 00:02:41] felt that.

Patrick Reid: You have no idea. [crosstalk 00:02:41]

Ainsley Knight: I’ve had that feeling many, many times. I feel it for …

Dr. Gwynette: That’s part of our mission here is to share with the world that feeling of being rejected, being isolated, wanting friends, but not knowing exactly how to make that connection. So, we’re going to tell everybody how we feel and learn how to make more friends.

Leo D. Glover: All I know, I’m the opposite, and I’m doing good. I went to the Stingrays game last week, and they lost.

Scott Biehl: How was it?

Ainsley Knight: Oh, no.

Leo D. Glover: There was a lot of fights.

Patrick Reid: Again?

Scott Biehl: Yeah.

Leo D. Glover: A whole lot of fights.