We’re proud to share that last month, one of our very own Project Rex team members took the stage at TEDxBirmingham’s All Star Salon … and now you can watch the 5-minute video!

Caroline McGraw is an autism sibling, writer, and speaker who helps out behind the scenes at Project Rex. (Her role includes creating flyers, updating this website, posting to social media, and compiling our anonymous Group feedback.)

Her short talk is titled You Don’t Owe Anyone an Interaction; in it, she poses this powerful question:

In this age of unprecedented connectivity, how can we give to others without getting burnt out ourselves?

Take 5 and press play to find out!

If you’re interested in seeing more of Caroline’s writing, you can pick up free copies of her ebooks at her blog, A Wish Come Clear. (Fun fact: the blog name is the brainchild of her brother Willie, who is on the autism spectrum.)

Have a wonderful weekend!

~ The Project Rex Team

Photo Credit: Kate Rexrode Smith Photography