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Penguin Autism Study!
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Penguin Autism Study!
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Join Sheila Gregory to learn more about South Carolina’s fascinating and beneficial venomous snakes! This presentation will be brought to life with museum quality replicas and other educational artifacts that can be passed around and viewed by attendees. Other visual aides will be included as well. You will learn how to be safe around snakes, learn about snake anatomy, how to identify venomous versus nonvenomous snakes and more! For those who are interested, you can stay for a fun round of reptile bingo to wrap things up! Attendees will be seated 4 per picnic table at pavilion #3 on the dog park side of the park. If that pavilion is in use, we will use pavilion #4. Please call or email to RSVP. Attendance will be limited to 16. There is an $8 fee per attendee to participate.

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