A study using SPARK data has uncovered a new class of genes that may expand what we know about autism and the way the brain works. Variations in these genes have a less severe effect on the brain, and cause milder forms of autism, than previously identified autism genes.

Specifically, SPARK researchers were able identify new genes that increase the likelihood of a person having autism. The ability to detect these subtle genetic contributions was only made possible by analyzing a massive genetic database of autism families. If you have participated in one of the MUSC SPARK collection events, you have directly contributed to this breakthrough and we thank you.

To find our more about how MUSC partners with SPARK or to sign up for a future collection event, please visit the MUSC SPARK website.

The MUSC SPARK Team (left to right): Dr. Gwynette, Mary Johnson, Dr. Bradley, Dr. Carpenter, Jessie Montezuma

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