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Project Rex is teaming up with the Children’s Fine and Performing Arts Foundation (CFPAF) to offer a portrait painting class Tuesday October 9th for children ages 6-12. Participants will receive instruction from a trained artist and will be able to take home their completed portrait. The event will be open from 3:30-6:30 and you may arrive after 3:30. To sign up, please call Lavinia Bowens at (843) 792-4113. Space is limited to 4-5 children.

The Children’s Fine and Performing Arts Foundation is a nonprofit organization that increases the availability and quality of arts and music-based events, programs, productions, and digital media content for the next generation.

The foundation will create new ways to address the growing crisis of a media-influenced identity. We can positively impact the lives of children who are challenged by the need to traverse an ever-changing technological and societal landscape.

Regardless of a child’s background, circumstance, or ability, we can empower him/her to discover and express basic human dignity through tailored art projects and productions. Watch the video below to see and hear more about CFPAF.

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