Want to contribute to national autism research and receive a $50 gift card for your participation? Here’s your chance!

Join us for the SPARK for Autism Collection Event in partnership with Synergy Supportive Services, LLC on Saturday, September 30th at MUSC After Hours Care in North Charleston.

For details, watch Dr. Gwynette’s personalized SPARK for Autism Collection Event Announcement on Youtube, or read the transcript below.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Frampton Gwynette from MUSC, and I’m here to talk to you today about the SPARK study. This is an opportunity to get involved in autism research.

This Saturday, September 30th, I will be in North Charleston at the MUSC After Hours Clinic on Dantzler Drive to collect DNA from individuals with autism.

And I promise, there will be NO needles! [It’s saliva collection only.]

We’re trying to get DNA from individuals with autism and their mom and their dad, all at the same time.

We have appointments, so that we can avoid long waits, and if you want an appointment, please call Crissy Ortiz at (843) 876-8504 for an appointment [you can also email ortizcr@musc.edu with questions].

We do offer $50 gift cards to everyone who completes the study; that is, the individual with autism. We hope to see you there!”

Original Event Announcement:

You’re invited to the SPARK for Autism Collection Event in partnership with Synergy Supportive Services on Saturday, September 30th at MUSC After Hours Care in North Charleston!

What is SPARK?

SPARK is a landmark national autism research project designed to facilitate research that accelerates our understanding of the causes of autism and how autism impacts all of those affected.

SPARK stands for “Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge,” and its mission is to speed up research and advance our understanding of autism to help improve lives.

Visit our SPARK Autism Research Study page to learn more, or click here to join SPARK Today!

What is the Collection Event?

To join this national autism research cohort, individuals with a professional diagnosis of autism and their biological family members (both biological mom and dad are encouraged to participate, if possible) will be asked to share information about their medical and family history, as well as provide a DNA sample.

Unlike other genetics autism studies, DNA will be collected and analyzed using saliva kits, making the process less intrusive and more convenient for families and adults on the autism spectrum.

In appreciation of your participation in SPARK, individuals with autism will receive an electronic gift card, valued up to $50, once SPARK receives the saliva samples.

Event Details:

Collection Date: Saturday, September 30, 2017

Time: Call (843) 876-8504 for an appointment

Location: MUSC After Hours Care, Children’s Hospital, 2750 Dantzler Drive, North Charleston, SC 29406

For more information, contact Crissy Ortiz at ortizcr@musc.edu.

Questions about the SPARK program? Call 843-876-8504 or email SPARKautism@musc.edu.

PS – We had a very successful collection event; thank you to the seven families who came to support autism research!

Here’s a photo of our fabulous SPARK study team:

Pictured from left to right:

Crissy Ortiz: SPARK study coordinator
Erin: College of Charleston Volunteer and SPARK team member
Dr. Laura Carpenter: SPARK study Principal Investigator for the MUSC site
Clara: College of Charleston Volunteer and SPARK team member